Japan travel guide

Where to go and what to see in Japan

Why visit Japan?

Travel to a world of unprecedented variety and deeply-entrenched culture – Japan’s history and people date as far back as the 1st century AD; its spiritual history, friendly nature, unique cuisine, and its ancestrally influenced art are just a few of the qualities that make this country a phenomenal place to visit – to witness a truly time-honoured place unlike any other in the world.

With a blend of natural beauty and cosmopolitan cities Japan has something for everyone. Explore Mount Fuji and peaceful Japanese gardens. Traverse the rugged Japanese Alps and travel on a famed bullet train. Delve into Japan’s ancient history in Kyoto and go for a walk in Tokyo to witness the frenetic but pleasant vibe of this city. By the end of your journey you'll begin to realize the power of a culture that is hard-working, fun-loving, but deeply rooted in tradition and influenced by a peace that seems to be channelled by their ancestors. It is a true wonder.


Weather and climate in Japan

When is the best time to visit Japan?

Japan is an unforgettable destination at any time of the year, but there are two seasons in which it is particularly spectacular: during Cherry Blossom season (Sakura) in the spring and Maple Leaf season (Koyo) in the autumn. These seasons often sell out fast, as they are extremely popular.


Cherry Blossom season, March

Sakura is the spectacular natural phenomena of Japan’s cherry trees bursting into pink and white flowers across the country. It is a major cultural event dating back more than a thousand years, when people would hold Hanami (“flower-viewing”) parties underneath the trees with sake and feasts, and use the blossoms to divine the harvest for the year. Even today, it is so significant that there are official Sakura forecasts each year to predict where and when you will be able to celebrate Cherry Blossom Season in Japan. Always check before you travel, if you have this in mind.

Maple leaf season in Japan, from October

If you can’t get to Japan for Sakura, you have the option of the equally magnificent and colourful Koyo – maple leaf season. It’s a riot of pillarbox red that spills out across the country in its parks and woodlands. The art of finding the most stunning red leaves is known as Momijigari, and it’s a draw for tourists the world over. Again, check forecasts for your area before travel if you’re keen to see it.

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