Eastern Canada: historic quarters and rugged coastal beauty

Canada is a country that offers huge diversity, as well as endless beauty. Known for their welcoming people, friendly cities and epic landscapes -  it’s a holiday destination you’ll want to return to time and time again. There’s a reason everyone loves Canadians, and you’ll discover why when you visit!


Our main tours in Canada focus on city life and mountain pursuits. If you want to tick off some of the country’s stunning cities, our ‘Historic Cities of Eastern Canada’ tour will be right up your street. You can take in the sights of Quebec and Montreal, as well as the unmissable Niagara Falls and Toronto. If you’re seeking out mountain adventure and altitude, then our ‘Grand Canadian Rail, Rockies and Alaska Cruise’ will be a must. Take a ride on VIA Rail’s ‘The Canadian’ train, check out Lake Louise, explore the Glacier National Park and even see the beautiful Juneau.


Visiting Canada is giving yourself the chance to experience a diverse landscape that includes glaciers, mountain ranges, lakes, deserts, waterfalls and much more. It’s the trip of a lifetime and a place that would be impossible to forget.