Canadian Rockies escorted tours

Experience nature on an epic scale on tour in the Canadian Rockies

Poised along the jagged border between British Columbia and Alberta are the majestic Canadian Rockies. Iconic for its snow-capped peaks, mammoth glaciers, aquamarine lakes and evergreen forests, the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains is a pristine sight. Embark on an adventurous escorted tour and discover one of the world’s great mountain ranges for yourself.

Begin with a guided hike in Jasper National Park, the largest national park in the region. Hiking trails criss-cross the 11,000 square kilometres of the park. Gaze across at Maligne Canyon’s spectacular scenery, cruise on the lovely waters of Maligne Lake, or embark on a wildlife safari, which will give you the chance to spot moose, caribou – even grizzlies. A horse-drawn sleigh ride is another fantastic way to discover the local scenery.

Beyond Jasper, Banff National Park is a second must-see when visiting the Canadian Rockies on a coach holiday of Canada. Drink in the fresh air and spectacular sights on a sightseeing tour of Bow Falls, take a helicopter ride across the park or try a Gondola Ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain to get the perfect vantage point.

And that’s just the start. Whether you’re on a guided walk around the turquoise Lake Louise, an Ice Explorer ride through the frosty expanse of the Columbia Icefield, or a raft trip down the Athabasca River, the Canadian Rockies are simply bursting with rugged beauty that’s begging to be explored.