Greece travel guide

Where to go and what to see: your Greece travel guide

Why visit Greece?

Sitting beautifully at the heart of the Mediterranean, Greece has been capturing our imagination long before Shirley Valentine landed in Mykonos back in 1989. Considered the birthplace of civilisation, Greece is home to the world’s most ancient classical sites, along with red-roofed mountain towns, pretty cobbled streets, winding lanes, cypress groves and atmospheric tavernas.  

For modern Greeks, the word for foreigner – xenos – also means guest, which goes some way to explain their world-famous hospitality.

Some of the greatest classical sites in the world are found here. In the capital, Athens, the 2,500-year-old Acropolis stands proud, in silent and mystical domination of the city. Greece is the birthplace of truce and democracy, and also the Olympic Games. The original running track still exists; and ancient Olympia is still used every Olympic year for the torch lighting relay ceremony. It is the motherland of 12 gods, along with Homer, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Socrates and Aesop.


Weather and climate in Greece

When is the best time to visit Greece?

The climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers, and it has the right balance of humidity that allows almost anything to grow. Greece enjoys warm weather almost all year round, but summers can be especially hot, particularly between June and August.

To help you plan, below are average low and high temperatures for Greece.





























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