Alaska - the North American nirvana

The great north state of the USA, Alaska boasts just as many stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring views. With soaring mountain ranges and mighty lakes, Alaska is the ideal destination for anyone who adores adventure, the great outdoors and fresh air.


Home to eight national parks, Alaska is a glorious natural wonderland just waiting to be discovered. Pack your best walking boots, and get ready to follow your sense of adventure. Alaska is known for its epic landscapes, but also the Gold Rush too (so if you want to strike lucky and find your fortune… perhaps this is your chance).


Our variety of tours in Alaska offer an amazing overview of what the state has to offer and let you choose the right combination of activities for you and your preferences. Our ‘Ultimate Alaska & the Yukon’ tour is the most comprehensive of the tours, during this trip you’ll be able to explore Anchorage, Wasilla, the Alaskan Railroad, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, Dawson City, Whitehorse and many more. It truly is the trip of a lifetime.