The Deep South

USA Deep South: old South charm and Florida fun

Many people say if you want to visit ‘Real America’ and have a truly authentic American experience - the Deep South is a great place to start your exploring. It’s a fantastic region where you can explore multiple states, and visit a variety of different cities, towns and historical sights. And don’t forget about the amazing hospitality - that’s what the Deep South is famous for!


If you’re a music lover or a foodie - the Deep South is going to be a treat for you as you’ll find music and food in abundance here, it’s a big part of the culture and it’s what breathes life and energy into everyone you meet. Chow down on some delicious Southern Fried Chicken followed by a Jazz or Blues concert…. And you’re definitely doing it right. Oh and that’s not forgetting the great outdoors too, with The Smoky Mountains thrown in for good measure.


Our ‘Charms of the Deep South’ tour is a perfect itinerary for exploring this area of the USA, and really embracing everything the Deep South is about. You’ll visit Atlanta, Charleston and Savannah, all the while exploring art and culture hotspots, eating great food and soaking in the Southern hospitality.