Yellowstone National Park escorted tours

Explore phenomenal landscapes and natural wonders on a tour of Yellowstone National Park

When President Ulysses S Grant signed it into law in 1872, Yellowstone didn’t just become the first national park in the United States – it was the first in the world. Still the country’s largest nature preserve today, Yellowstone stretches across areas of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and is bigger than several US states.

That means the possibilities for adventure on a Yellowstone tour are virtually endless; with more than 10,000 geysers and hot springs in this volcanic region, plenty of excitements and photo-ready moments await your discovery.

Begin your escorted tour with a drive along the Grand Loop Road, which leads to the sublime Artist Point: from that perch, you’ll enjoy clifftop views of what’s known as ‘the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.’ Here, you can also admire the thundering Lower Falls. Colossal of scale, the falls are almost double the height of Niagara.

No Yellowstone coach holiday is complete without a visit to Old Faithful; the geyser earned the moniker thanks to its regular eruptions, which are roughly 90 minutes apart. Just a few miles up the road, you can also discover the Grand Prismatic Spring. The largest hot spring in the country, it’s also famous for its rainbow hues.

And that’s just the start. Step into Yellowstone, and discover the unparalleled magic of the park.