Uncover Moorish history, whitewashed towns and passionate performance on a tour of Spain’s romantic south

One of Europe’s sunniest destinations, Andalucía is a favourite of beachgoers and sunbathers looking to soak up the rays. But this evocative destination – located at Spain’s southern tip – offers more than just sand and surf. Bursting with UNESCO-grade landmarks, the birthplace of such Spanish cultural staples as flamenco and sherry, and rich in Moorish history, it’s a truly special place.

Begin in Seville, the capital city of Andalucía, known for its vibrant, carefree pace of life. Drop by famous landmarks like the Alcázar palace and Seville Cathedral, and wander the winding streets of the Barrio Santa Cruz. A relaxing cruise along the Guadalquivir River, which bisects the city, is another must.

From Seville, venture onwards to Córdoba – an ancient, Moorish city best known for its great mosque-cathedral – before heading to Granada, where the colossal, utterly captivating Alhambra is found.

And that’s just the start. Whether you’re sipping sherry in a traditional bodega in Jerez, paying a visit to Málaga (the birthplace of Pablo Picasso), admiring Ronda’s exquisite Puente Nuevo bridge, or taking in the charming architecture of Cadiz, enchanting Andalucía offers magic around every corner.