Ready for a NEW way to tour … a YOU way to tour? Meet Choice Touring by Globus! This exciting new touring style promises all the wonder with a touch of whim and all the fun with the infusion of flexibility.

We’re excited to show you the ways you can pick how you play and make your own memories thanks to this entirely new series of touring holidays. 


Love to tour but fancy a bit more freedom?

With the introduction of Choice Touring by Globus, you now have a whole new way to cure your curiosity. In addition to offering you guided sightseeing at the must-see sights, Choice Touring by Globus presents YourChoice Excursions, a selection of curated experiences in key and off-the-beaten-path destinations – included in the package price – so you can tailor your tour to your own interests, pleasures and passions!

Nature walk? Boat cruise? Wine flight? How you roll is up to you. No set-in-stone itineraries.

No added expenditures. Just a wide-ranging menu of included excursions for you to design your own discovery, pick how you play and make your own memories.

With Choice Touring by Globus, how you roll is up to you

We have unveiled 13 NEW Choice Touring itineraries: Holidays that invite you to choose your “must dos” from a menu of memory-making activities. 


  • Choice Touring in Europe: 7 NEW tours available
  • Choice Touring in North America: 6 NEW Ways to Go
  • YourChoice Excursions – Included & Incredible!