Sightseeing on a Globus tour

Our first-class range of tours includes more of everything you love, weaving in VIP access to the must-see sights and authentic experiences so you come away from your holiday having truly lived each place you visit. You'll travel in the company of genuine, local experts – our Tour Directors and Local Guides – who are actually from the region you're travelling in, and with like-minded people who can't wait to uncover more when they holiday.

Choose a Globus escorted tour to really get beneath the surface of a destination. Our programme of Local Favourites are specially-designed experiences that spotlight the unique stories of your journey. These are unique experiences that you wouldn’t be able to find or arrange yourself. And why would you, when we can do it for you!

What’s more, we have developed a unique and exclusive GlobusGO Beyond device that works as a personal wireless access point throughout your trip. It’s also a personal headset tool using the latest technology available on the market, allowing you to follow each word of your expert Local Guide during their commentary.


Included attractions

A Globus tour always includes the major attractions. In fact, Globus offers more included features and behind-the-scenes local experiences than any other tour operator.



When you go on holiday, you take a break from everyday life and schedules - which is why we don't schedule every moment for you. We build freedom into every itinerary, so you can make your holiday exactly what you want it to be.


Skip the lines

You'll get VIP access to all the must-see sights. We actually take you inside the world's most awe-inspiring places - right to the head of the queue.


Local favourites

Globus takes you behind the scenes to spotlight what makes each destination unique, introducing you to the local haunts, traditions and flavours.



The GlobusGO app is loaded with restaurant, entertainment and sightseeing suggestions to help you make the most of your free time. Easily navigate local streets with GPS directions - without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile data.


The best Tour Directors

With Globus, you travel in the company of genuine local experts - Tour Directors and Local Guides who are actually from the region through which you're travelling. We partner up with the best: our expert Tour Directors have a 96% customer satisfaction rating.



Included headsets give you the freedom to roam through some of the world's most famous attractions - without missing any of your Local Guide's fascinating commentary. 


Get to know your destination with a Local Favourite


What makes a destination special? Unlike other tour companies, we won’t settle for a cookie-cutter itinerary that follows the crowd. With a Globus escorted tour, you’ll experience your destination like an insider with our exclusive Local Favourites. Your expert Tour Director and Local Guide will be pleased to introduce you to each destination’s hidden gems and traditions with behind-the-scenes activities.

Experience life like a local:


Our Tour Directors and Local Guides

At the heart of every great Globus escorted tour are the friendly, knowledgable folks who show you around and help you maximise your free time. We go to incredible lengths to find the best Tour Directors and Local Guides we can, and we like to think we deliver - our Tour Directors have a 96% customer satisfaction rating!

Want to know more about our Tour Directors? We recently interviewed two of our veterans:

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