24 hours in... Turin

Known as ‘The Detroit of Italy’ for its car industry, ‘The Cradle of Liberty’ for its role in Italian unification and 'The Aperitivo Capital’ for its invention of Vermouth, Turin rivals Milan and Genoa as a destination for those seeking divine inspiration and eye-popping splendour. Being faced with so many inspiring sights, unique shops and such a thriving food scene can be daunting - so here's how we'd spend 24 hours in the northern capital.

Tea-stained cloth hanging from holder in dark museum. Replica of the Holy Shroud, Turin

See the Holy Shroud of Turin

Say you’re visiting Turin and the most likely response is, ‘The place with the shroud?’. The Shroud of Turin is world-famous, if only because – especially after viewing it – you can have a good old argument about whether it’s real and how it came about. Start your day at the Museum of the Shroud which, while it does not have the item in public view (it’s actually kept behind closed doors in the nearby Turin Cathedral), a full-scale replica allows you a close look in your own time. Believed by some to be the cloth Jesus was wrapped in after his death, the Catholic church has neither endorsed nor rejected its veracity. Even sceptics leave with questions about how it could have come about whether forgery or not, as the best efforts of the scientific community have struggled to come up with an answer either…

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