America's National Parks

By Cosmos Tour Director - Bruce Fritzges

Whether you are keen on hiking, sweeping vistas or wildlife-spotting, there is certainly a tour and an itinerary that will meet your needs. 


Yellowstone National Park

Of course no excursion though the US National parks would be complete without a visit to Yellowstone National Park, the nations first, established in 1872 in North Western Wyoming. Yellowstone provides one of the most unique and diverse ecosystems on Earth. It's home to the most geologic formations and geothermal features you will ever see. At Fountain Paint Pot section of the park, during a comfortable walk taking less than an hour, you will be able to see an example of all four types of features that exist within the park - geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles (steam vents) surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and the lush green of the native Lodgepole Pine Trees. 


Walking & Hiking enthusiasts 

With Myriad of improved trails, many of them raised boardwalks, that lead to or go by many of the geysers and hot springs in the park

For Wildlife enthusiasts 

Travel to Yellowstone in May/early June and see herds of bison with their season's young! 

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Grand Canyon National Park


Grand Canyon National Park in Northern Arizona is another of the several "must-sees" among the parks of western US. First-time visitors are often overwhelmed by its sheer size but are immediately taken in by the vast array of colors that are displayed in its walls; The Grand Canyon is also a great place for a history lesson. The history of the Earth that is. This is one of the rare spots on our planet that can literally show you the history of Earth, layer by color layer, for the past 2 billion years. 


Walking & Hiking enthusiasts  

The South Rim Trail at the grand canyon runs almost the entire 277-mile length of the Canyon. No need to do more than a mile or two; your choice! In that short distance expect to see the most amazing views! 

Food to expect on a Grand Canyon tour

In the Grand Canyon area, you will be adjacent to- and will likely travel through - the Native American Navajo Nation. In this part of the US, the "Navajo Taco" is prevalent. 

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While Yellowstone and Grand Cayon are among the most visited National Parks, they are not always the personal favourite among the guest I have travelled with through the parks. Asking one to name their favourite National Park is not unlike asking to name their favourite child! All are different; all have their special qualities. And each park provides various scenery, wildlife or other attractions that make it the "favourite" of each particular visitor. Why not browse our wide range of National Park tours?