Winter holidays

Swap tinsel for travel this year

Nothing brightens up the colder months like exploring somewhere incredible. Whether you're looking for warm winter sun or snowy Christmas magic, we have a tour with your name on it.

Looking for Christmas magic?



There's no doubt about it: a European Christmas market could banish the bah humbug from any Scrooge. With the smells of cinnamon wafting through the fairylit stalls, the handcrafted 'Nutcracker'-style wooden toys all lined up and the crunch of snow underfoot, you'd be hard-pressed to resist the spirit of Christmas on a festive break.

Shop for ornate blown glass at a Viennese Christmas market, warm up with some rich goulash in Budapest, and be enchanted by the twinkly lights of the traditions German Christmas markets. God bless us, everybody.

See Europe's Christmas markets

Warm up this winter!



Why not swap dreary skies for warm breezes and new horizons? Go on safari in Kenya, trace the path of civilisation in Greece or see the sun setting upon the Taj Mahal. An escorted tour gives you the chance to enrich your winter with new cultural experiences and create lasting memories with time in unforgettable natural wonders. Now there's a Christmas present to remember.

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