The Great Eight Beasts of North America

The wildlife of northern America and Canada is much like its landscape – unique, untamed and beautiful. From the big bad wolf to the mighty moose, this is the home of iconic creatures from bedtime stories and nature documentaries the world over.

Join us on a tour here and see how many of these Great Eight beasts you can spot for yourself!

The Grizzly Bear

Reaching heights of up to 8ft tall when upright, grizzly bears are an impressive sight. But despite their size, they mainly get by on nuts and berries, with the odd rodent, moose and salmon thrown in when available. When the salmon are plentiful, each bear uses its own fishing technique, learnt as a cub from its mother and perfected as an adult with its long, razor-sharp claws and quick reflexes. Table manners are often forgotten.

Spot grizzly bears on our tours in Canada, including Via Rail & the Canadian Rockies, Canadian Rockies and Majestic Rockies.

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