India by coach: your questions answered

Is an escorted tour of India right for you?

If the thought of travelling solo through India feels a little overwhelming, an escorted tour could be your perfect solution.

To find out, read on and see if you agree with the following statements:

You don’t like hassle.

If you like the idea of exploring, but want to leave the driving and the baggage handling to someone else, you’ll love travelling on an escorted tour. Reaching places where a train and plane cannot, coach tours allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Navigation, transport, excursions, itineraries, good quality hotels – we do all the research for you, so all you have to do is immerse yourself in the glorious colours of India.

You like a bit of cultural context.

‘This is a country with many different cultures, languages and even human races,’ says Globus Tour Director Mayank Dixit, ‘and many of these elements can change every 100km or so. This is where an escorted tour makes a huge difference.’ Born in Agra, Mayank has been taking travellers around his home country for more than 15 years. He leads Globus tours to the Golden Triangle of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi, revealing the back story behind its iconic experiences, from visiting the Taj Mahal and the Amber Fort, haggling in the markets of Delhi and going on safari to seek out Bengal tigers in Ranthambore National Park. He’ll fill you in with amusing anecdotes and give you fascinating history of each destination while you’re travelling, so that your time on your comfortable, air-conditioned coach is relaxing and fulfilling.

You want to meet Indian people.

Picture of a young Indian man tying a red turban around his head, with green foliage in the background

Of course, Tour Directors are not the only experts you’ll meet on an escorted tour of India: we'll introduce you to many other characters along the way. At the Taj Mahal, you’ll hear all about the great love story that led to its creation, as well as the secrets of its sacred Mughal architecture. In Jaipur, you can hear the history of the region directly from one of its most established noble families at a home-hosted dinner. And in Ranthambore National Park, you’ll discover from your park ranger when a Bengal tiger is about to emerge, as they’ll know the telltale signs from the other animals in the jungle.

You’d rather not queue.

Travelling with us means you can bypass the long line of tourists waiting to get into the important sites. On escorted tours, excursions – both included and optional – are prearranged, so there’s no sweltering in the heat waiting for the confused visitor in front of you to count up his or her change. Walk charge up your camera and mosey on in.

Bengal tiger striding through the desert scrub in Ranthambore, Northern India

You like a decent view.

Amber fort standing bright in contrast to the blue sky

As well as enjoying comfortable seats and perfectly controlled temperatures, your coach journey gives you first-class, elevated views of the scenery you’re passing through. One of the other big bonuses of coach travel is having the best sights pointed out to you as you go along. With an experienced driver taking care of the transport and a Tour Director keeping an eye out for special camera moments, you won't miss a thing.

You’re a sociable person.

It’s hard not to make new friends on a tour. There’s a perfect balance of group activities and free time, and you’ll soon find out who shares your interests. So you can choose whether to hang out together, or even stay in touch afterwards.

Back-facing shot of two women in bright pink saris walking through the blue streets of Jodhpur

Tips from our Tour Director

1. Keep an open mind

‘Most nations in the world are uniform, with a single colour, race, culture, religion and cuisine,’ says Mayank. ‘But India has so many colours – like a rainbow – and these colours unfold as we travel around. My advice to anyone exploring here is to keep an open mind. Embrace India – and it will embrace you.’

2. Ease in gently
I usually advise my guests to include a little local honey and yoghurt in their diet as it helps develop local bacteria. Drink bottled water and go easy on Indian food for few days when you first arrive.

3. See a different view
When you visit Agra, I suggest going to Mehtab Bagh across the river and take a walk through ancient Kachchpura Village. This offers an opportunity to see the Taj Mahal from a different perspective, and experience the extremes of wealth in this country on your walk through Kachchpura Village.