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We invite you to dive deep into the blues of the Mediterranean's secluded seaside towns and medieval alleyways. Follow us down sun-soaked streets to discover the places where cities, seas, and cultures connect - places you won't find on other tours or cruises. No one gets you closer to the magic of the Mediterranean.


Dive deep into secluded shores and sun-washed cities

Spend time exploring the Sassi, Matera’s neighbourhoods of prehistoric cave dwellings stacked atop one another on our Southern Italy & Greece tour.

On our Discover the Eastern Med tour, take the chance to explore Shkodra, one of the oldest cities in Europe: its pastel-painted Old Town of Shkodra is known as the City of Bicycles.

Visit the stunning inland paradise of Krka National Park on our Venice, Slovenia, Croatia & Montenegro tour and enjoy a peaceful stroll along a quiet path, a boat ride along the jade-coloured river, or even a dip in the cool, refreshing water.

If you prefer to soak in the French way of life, don't miss our Nice to Lyon Explorer tour, featuring a stop in Aix-en-Provence, a chic university city dubbed the “21st arrondissement of Paris”, with trendy shops, hip cafes, and cool open-air markets.

Discover the Undiscovered with Cosmos
Discover the Undiscovered with Cosmos

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