In pictures: the US National Parks

Revitalise yourself in America's natural playgrounds

What's your idea of a perfect national park adventure? Looking for bears and their cubs in Yosemite? Taking a Navajo-guided jeep tour of Monument Valley?

Our tours of the US national parks balance the perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxation, along with expert guidance from our Tour Directors and Local Guides. So you'll come away refreshed and recharged, having been immersed in each unique landscape, with a lifetime's worth of special memories to relive time and again.

Here's a few of our favourite US National Parks to inspire you.


Best panoramas on foot: Yosemite, California

A glacial valley in Sierra Nevada, Yosemite's scenery is hard to beat. Come here to see the world's tallest granite monolith (El Capitan), dramatic rugged mountain ranges, huge wild meadows and beautiful waterfalls - as well as some phenomenal stargazing.

Best for space-age rocks: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Star Trek never filmed here, but if William Shatner did ever wander out across your path in Bryce Canyon, you wouldn't blink twice. With its vivid limestone forms (amphitheatres, slot canyons and 'hoodo' spires) this is Earth - but not as you know it.

Best for raw natural power: Hawaii Volcanoes in Hawaii

Want to go right back to the beginning? Like, right back? Watch the earth as it forms from molten rock at this volcanic hotspot, which is sat amid the spectacular scenery of Hawaii's Big Island with its misty plateaus, craggy cliffs, tropical rainforests and bamboo groves. The beaches aren't bad, either.

Best for native history: Monument Valley

Located in the Navajo heartlands, Monument Valley has deep spiritual significance to the Native American communities who live in its long shadows. And there's no better way to experience it than on a four-wheel-drive through its rock formations, with a Navajo guide to bring it to life for you.

Best for spectacular sunrises: Grand Canyon

With an overnight stay inside the National Park, you can rise early and experience a sunrise you’ll never forget. Watch as the colour of the rocks shifts in the changing light, bringing the landscape magically to life. And then stroll back to your hotel for breakfast.