A walk in the park

Welcome to America's natural wonderlands

Comprising 84 million acres of raw, breathtaking terrain, the US national parks are endlessly inviting. Each visit can offer different experiences, whether you're looking for craggy canyons, soaring mountain views, ancient settlements or wetland wildlife - with several landscapes in the boundaries of each park.

The question is, what are you looking for next?

Best for space-age rocks: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Star Trek never filmed here, but if William Shatner did ever wander out across your path in Bryce Canyon, you wouldn't blink twice. With its vivid limestone forms (amphitheatres, slot canyons and 'hoodo' spires) this is Earth - but not as you know it.

Best for overhead views: Sequoia, California

Whether you're gazing up at the celestial universe listening to local stories about how the stars were formed, or marvelling at the 84m-high overhead canopy of the world's tallest trees, Sequoia has a way of gently reminding us how insignificant we are.

Best panoramas by foot: Yosemite, California

A glacial valley in Sierra Nevada, Yosemite's scenery is hard to beat. Its resident superlatives include the world's tallest granite monolith (El Capitan) and North America's highest waterfall (Yosemite Falls). What better excuse to grab your camera and take to the hills?

Best for unique wildlife: Florida Everglades

The only true tropical forest in the northern hemisphere, the Everglades are home to rare wildlife that can't be found anywhere else. Look out for the Florida panther and around 20 species of wild orchid, as well as endangered wood storks and native alligators.

Best for raw natural power: Hawaii Volcanoes in Hawaii

Want to go right back to the beginning? Like, right back? Watch the earth as it forms from molten rock at this volcanic hotspot, which is sat amid the spectacular scenery of Hawaii's Big Island with its misty plateaus, craggy cliffs, tropical rainforests and bamboo groves.

Best for native history: Monument Valley Navajo Nation Tribal Park, Arizona

Located on one of the largest Native American reservations, the Navajo Nation, this national park offers the chance to discover in person how these indigenous people exist in harmony with an unforgiving desert.