Your health and safety

Today’s world has changed, but what remains certain is our commitment to guest safety, comfort and peace-of-mind while travelling with us. To that end, we have established a worldwide Assurance program, with enhanced on-trip protocols and procedures, to ensure the health – and happiness – of our guests throughout their travels with us.

It all starts with our Global Health & Safety Team, dedicated to ensuring that cleanliness of all operations exceeds today’s travel standards—from start to finish. The following areas address our commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for our guests.

A Safe & Warm Welcome

We will enact new tour check-in procedures and pre-trip health screenings to offer guests a safe start to their journey, including adherence to social distancing requirements.

Blending Cultural Proximity with Social Distance

We will ensure safe distances for our guests throughout the journey, on coach and during excursions. This includes providing masks for our guests use at any time where social proximity could be an issue as well as the possibility of reducing group sizes, if required. And wireless listening technology – including our Cosmos Go Beyond Devices in Europe - enables safe distances between our guests and other travelers on excursions.

Focus on Guest and Team Member Health

To ensure a healthy environment for our team and our guests, we will conduct regular temperature checks for both guests and our team, and when necessary, masks will be worn by our team when with guests.

Touching Hearts, Not Hands

Travelling with Cosmos and Globus removes many of the “touch points” of travel, including luggage handling, check in/out, expedited entry into attractions and more. We are further reducing risk with hands-free service, meaning all self-services replaced by staff, including buffet meals replaced with table service. We will also ensure hand sanitising is available throughout each trip, on coach and in hotels.

Commitment to Clean

As a part of our commitment to clean, we are requiring enhanced cleaning procedures with our hotel partners, on our coaches, vehicles and throughout every trip, including additional daily disinfecting procedures that go above-and-beyond our already strict health and safety procedures.

Partners in Discovery and in Health

Cosmos and Globus have strict health and safety protocols which have been in place for years, focused on ensuring all aspects of our operation, from vehicles and equipment used on trip to excursions and hotel procedures. This process will continue with new, elevated health and safety checks, to maintain our promise that each touch-point of our tours and cruises are considered in our commitment to guest and team member well-being.

What to Expect When Traveling with Us

Cosmos is dedicated to giving our guests a safe, stress-free getaway. To that end, with help from our Global Health & Safety Team, we’ve established a set of enhanced pre- and on-trip protocols and procedures to ensure health – and happiness – throughout your journey with us.

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Before You Go

We’ll take every step to ensure you and your travelling companions are ready for the journey. Along with a host of pre-trip information to help you prepare for your tour, you’ll have access to the CosmosGO App—a great resource for your tour schedule and details, your destination, and any updates related to your trip. And as an additional assurance measure, we’re providing guests with a set of health and safety advice and instructions, ensuring that all health considerations have been taken into account before leaving home.


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On arrival, you’ll receive a warm welcome by your Cosmos Tour Director. A travel expert who’s ready, willing and able to ensure that you have a healthy and happy journey with us—here’s how:

  • They’re trained on our enhanced health and safety protocols. 
  • They’re supported 24/7 by our local offices, who are well-equipped to handle on-trip issues
  • They have extensive local knowledge to help navigate your destination safely, including helping you avoid long lines and crowds, where and whenever possible.
  • Tour Directors and local guides wear face masks when with guests, while drivers will have approved PPE headgear, ensuring the spread of joy, not germs.


Cosmos’ enhanced welcoming procedures are in place, ensuring guests have a safe start to their journey. These procedures include:

  • Mandatory health screening, including touch-free temperature-check, for all guests, Tour Directors and drivers. If you have a high temperature or are feeling sick, your Tour Director will assist in finding local medical facilities.
  • Direction and details on social distancing throughout the journey.
  • Luggage disinfection each time it’s loaded or unloaded onto the motorcoach.

While Travelling


On tour with Cosmos, guests remove many “touchpoints” of travel, including luggage handling, hotel check-ins and check-outs and the purchase of sightseeing tickets. All this ensures only hearts are touched, not hands.

Even better? Our Tour Directors secure expedited entry into must-see attractions, which means no waiting in long, crowded queues of people. And wireless listening technology – including our Cosmos Go Beyond Devices in Europe – enables safe distances between our guests and other travellers on excursions.

For moments when touch is necessary, Tour Directors and motorcoaches are equipped with hand sanitizer at-the-ready.



Your Home Away From Home.

Cosmos has hand-picked each and every hotel we use, vetted to meet our standards of quality, cleanliness, service and amenities. Each hotel has been checked to ensure they are meeting or exceeding government-mandated standards, and each must pass our strict health and safety requirements before you set foot in the lobby.

Getting Around, Safe & Sound.

Rest assured our state-of-the-art coaches and vehicles have undergone thorough cleaning between tours, and each day starts with a freshly-cleaned motorcoach as well as touch-ups at each stop. Our coaches are equipped with air filters that clean the air as well as provide constant ventilation. Before you board, we will provide hand sanitizer, luggage disinfection and assigned seating to prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, we won’t seat you next to anyone outside your travelling party, which means for solo travellers, we'll reserve an extra empty seat next to you.

Heading for Home

Our aim is that your tour leaves you as healthy—and happy—as when you left (we strive for happier!).

Efficient and reliable airport transfers are available (and are included when you purchase flights with us), so that’s one less thing to worry about. And, as you prepare for the journey home, If you need any assistance or are not feeling 100%, just let your Tour Director know and we can help find local medical assistance to get you ship-shape before your return.

Travel update: latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

When you travel with us, the welfare of all our guests is our highest priority. See our latest travel updates and policies connected to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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