Undiscovered Tours: Get off the beaten track

Join us in the places less travelled

If you've already stood inside the storied walls of the Colosseum, cruised through the most romantic Venice canals, or gazed across Niagara Falls, there are always new places to explore. Join an Undiscovered tour and we'll take you off the beaten piazza to the small mediterranean towns and North American vistas you never knew should be on your bucket list.

There is no better way to explore these picturesque towns, hamlets and villages than with the insight and expertise of our Tour Directors and local guides. And there's no easier way to travel through, between and around them than on a tour.

Let Cosmos and Globus introduce you to the wonders of the undiscovered for your next holiday.

Undiscovered North America tours

Between the sights every Yankophile knows and loves, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Niagara Falls and from the Rockies down to the Florida Keys, there's another North America waiting to be discovered. From sea to shining sea, join us and explore the less-travelled paths in the USA and Canada. We'll help you explore unspoilt Alaska, take you to where Southern Californians holiday, and tell the ghost stories of New England's Tarrytown (and the nearby Sleepy Hollow).

Undiscovered Mediterranean tours

Come and rediscover your love for the Mediterranean. Mediterranean's secluded seaside towns and medieval alleyways. Follow us down sun-soaked streets to discover the places where cities, seas, and cultures connect - places you won't find on other tours or cruises. No one gets you closer to the magic of the Mediterranean..