Tour ancient ruins and sparkling seas

Whether it’s wandering through ancient ruins or lounging within paces of the brilliant blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Greece can more than sate your cravings for both culture and holiday indulgence.

Begin with Athens: one of the world’s oldest cities, and the birthplace of democracy, it’s crowned by the magnificent Parthenon. During the day, journey up to the Acropolis to see the landmark for yourself; by night, enjoy a delectable Greek feast and a frosty glass of ouzo at a bustling taverna to immerse yourself in the city’s lively present. As a port city, Athens is also perfectly situated should you wish to cruise among the stunningly beautiful Greek Islands.

Beyond Athens, Greece is rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other remarkable landmarks. Venture outside of the capital to admire the ancient feat of engineering that is the Corinth Canal, and revel in the beauty of the Epidaurus amphitheatre. Don’t miss your chance to explore Mycenae, too: an ancient city that Homer described in The Iliad, it is today home to an exquisite architectural site where untold treasures have been recovered.

Where to wander to next? From the Byzantine citadel of Mystra to the sanctuary of Olympia, from Sparta to Delphi, the splendours of Ancient Greece are ready to be discovered on an escorted tour with Cosmos.

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